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Cruise Ship Jobs – Ultimate Dream Job

Cruise ship jobsCruise Ship Jobs – Persistance

What would be your ultimate dream job, perhaps working on a cruise ship will give you the opportunity to see the world, traveling to lots of exotic places and to get one of these jobs you need to be a thorn in the side of the cruise line companies, be persistent, don’t let an opportunity pass you by.

The cruise ship jobs listed below are just some of the many jobs that are needed onboard almost every cruise ship. Experience is preferable but not always necessary. You should always apply and go for an interview even if you do not think that you are qualified enough as cruise line companies are often willing to hire and train you if you impress them as an outgoing, caring, and adventurous type of person. You have nothing to lose, so get your act together and go for that cruise line career.


  •   Activities Coordinator
  •   Administrative Assistant
  •   Air/Sea Agent
  •   Art Director
  •   Bartender
  •   Beautician
  •   Cabin Steward/Stewardess
  •   Captain
  •   Chaplain
  •   Chef
  •   Cleaner
  •   Comedian
  •   Computer Specialist
  •   Cosmetologist
  •   Cruise Director
  •   Cruise Staff
  •   Cruise Terminal Staff
  •   Dancer
  •   Dance Instructor
  •   Deck & Engine Staff
  •   Dentist
  •   Disc Jockey
  •   District Sales Manager
  •   Doctor
  •   Engineering
  •   Entertainer
  •   Expedition Leader
  •   Firefighter
  •   Fitness Instructor
  •   Food & Beverage Staff
  •   Gentleman Host
  •   Gift Shop Manager/Staff
  •   Golf Instructor
  •   Group Sales Manager/Staff
  •   Host & Hostess
  •   Housekeeper
  •   Janitorial Staff
  •   Juggler
  •   Lecturer
  •   Magician
  •   Maintenance Engineer
  •   Maitre d
  •   Marketing
  •   Massage Therapist
  •   Medical Doctor
  •   Musician
  •   Nurse
  •   Nursing Assistant
  •   Paramedic
  •   Photographer
  •   Photographer Assistant
  •   Physician
  •   Puppeteer
  •   Purchasing Agent
  •   Purser
  •   Purser’s Staff
  •   Public Relations
  •   Restaurant & Bar Staff
  •   Reservations Staff
  •   Sales Agent
  •   Salon Manager/Staff
  •   SCUBA Instructor
  •   Shore Excursions Staff
  •   Social Host
  •   Videographer
  •   Vocalist
  •   Youth Counselor
  •   Water Sports Instructor
  •   Waiter/Waitress

As you can see, there are hundreds of different jobs to choose from on every cruise ship, from the entry level cruise ship jobs to higher specification jobs. Most people who work on a cruise ship started in a lower capacity and worked their way up. Obviously, this won’t apply to such positions as cruise ship doctor where you would need a degree and certain licences and certifications.

However, bar work, galley hands, hotel type jobs, housekeeping etc are all considered entry level and if you are any good you will proceed up the scale, both in job placement and pay grade very quickly.

What are you waiting for – Apply  for one of the cruise ship jobs today!


Cruise Ship Jobs – Ultimate Dream Job

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