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Are you among those who dream about – Cruise Ship Vacancies

  • getting away from the mundane and travelling to exciting, exotic places?
  • getting one of the many cruise ship jobs that are available?

Cruise Ship Vacancies – Let us help you open the doors to your new life

Without having done it, it’s hard to imagine what having a cruise ship job is really like. The first thing people wanting any of the luxury cruise ship jobs that are available, have to be aware of is that you will be working on board ship and it won’t be a holiday!

Cruise Ship VacanciesOn the other side of the equation, filling any of the cruise ships vacancies will give you the opportunity for a good income, a chance to save most of your salary because there are so few expenses – room and board are free and the chance to travel to lots of beautiful and exotic places.

Cruise Ship Vacancies – Opportunities

With new ships being launched every year and more and more people choosing a cruise ship vacation, the opportunities for cruise ship careers are getting better and better.  There are cruise ship doctor jobs, nurse jobs, captain and officer jobs, musician jobs, photography jobs, IT jobs, catering jobs, casino jobs, housekeeping jobs, bar and wait staff jobs, plus so many more.

Cruise ships are floating hotels, shopping malls, and entertainment centers with casinos and lots of other activities.  So your chances for cruise ship employment are very good.  Ships sail at all times of the year but Caribbean cruise ship vacancies will be in greater demand during the autumn and winter months with European cruise ship jobs having more openings for the spring and summer seasons.  Recruitment for cruise line jobs goes on all year round and many of the recruiters are looking to fill current vacancies for cruises leaving from Miami and positions that are open on cruises leaving from New York.

Filling cruise ship vacancies on any of the many ships that sail the rivers and oceans of the world will give you the opportunity:

  • to get paid to travel the world, visiting lots of exotic, interesting and beautiful places.
  • to earn a wonderful income, sometimes tax-free.
  • to meet some fabulous people, of various nationalities, who could become friends for life.
  • to work in a luxurious environment that is often 5+ star.
  • for a career at sea that is far more exciting than anything on land.
  • to escape “the rut” that the land-based rat race can be.
  • to travel safely, without the risks involved in travelling on your own.
  • to gain skills and experience for a real career at sea.
  • for experience the will greatly enhance your career prospects when/if you want to go back to land-based work.
  • to have a wonderful adventure, lots of fun and wonderful memories of an exciting time in your life.

Cruise Ship Jobs

You can stay stuck in a dead end job or at home because you’re laid off or you can get one of many cruise ship vacancies that will fill your life with fun and adventure in exotic places, earning a great income, doing a job you enjoy and meeting great people.  Those the best reasons for opening a whole new chapter in your life enjoying one of the many exciting cruise ship careers.

These are some of the cruise ship vacancies available:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • I.T. Jobs
  • Housekeepers
  • Cooks
  • Galley Hands
  • Bartenders
  • Waiters
  • Entertainers
  • Musicians
  • Retail Staff
  • Casino Staff
  • Radio Operators

Start your careeer search for that cruise ship job now and enjoy the benefits of traveling the world and meeting lots of different people from varying backgrounds, perhaps making friends for life.

Now for the fun bit. If you are thinking of getting married, what better way to do it by proposing while onboard ship. Crew or passengers can avail themselves of the Officiant to perform the marriage ceremony.  If you are looking for diamond wedding bands then try here: Check that your cruise has an officiant before you set sail by speaking to the booking desk.


Cruise Ship Vacancies – Travel The World – Cruise Ship Jobs

3 Responses to “Home”

  • Ryno Oelf:

    Good day, My name is Ryno I am from south africa. My biggest dream is to build myself a career job on one of the cruiseliners. I am currently working in a retail store and would like to apply for a retail sales position. Please reply on my mail and help me change my life as well.
    Kind regards
    Ryno Oelf.

  • Ryno Oelf:

    The strongest most effective personality trait to be my willingness to learn and endurance in whatever project is forthcoming. I consider myself very independent and completely comitted .honesty,loyalty and faithfullness are very strong contributing factors. I have a passion for work with people and+meeting new friends in large organisations. I believe i.m the most suited candidate and lookin forward to our continued association.


    A 43 y.o. medical doctor from the city of Odessa (Ukraine,Eastern Europe)strongly experienced in Accident and Emergency looking for job as a ship`s doctor in the great respectable cruise company.Total experience as a doctor above 15 yrs. including in remote areas (in Libya in 2005/2006 as a medical specialist and cardiologist-confirmation experience certificate translated from Arabic into English is available)and since 2008 as a ship`s doctor on passenger cruise motor vessels and also fishing m/vessels.Fluent English,beginning level in Italian,German,Arabic.Non smoker,no drink alcohol completely.Readiness to relocate is ASAP.

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